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Article: How to Use a Face Mist

How to Use a Face Mist

How to Use a Face Mist

Face Mists are a popular element of many people’s skin care routines, but experts say it is important to use mists in the correct ways or they can do more harm than good. When used correctly, face mists are excellent at adding moisture to our skin and helping address a variety of skin concerns. But aestheticians say that when used incorrectly, face mists can actually dehydrate our skin.

woman holding facial mist

What Are Face Mists?

Face mists are liquid skincare products that come in a bottle with a spray dispenser. There are many variations of face mists designed to address different skin needs. For example, some mists are designed to address oily, acne prone skin while others are designed with hydration in mind for dry flaky skin.

When Should You Apply a Face Mist?

Experts say the key to using face mists effectively lies in when you apply the mist. Face mists work best when applied after cleansing and before adding serums or moisturizers. To be even more precise, estheticians recommend applying face mists in the 60 second window directly following rinsing the cleanser from your face, while your face is still damp with water.

They recommend first spraying the mist onto a cotton pad to wipe the chlorine and minerals from the water off your skin. Then spray the mist directly onto your face several times to get it damp. Then directly apply serums or moisturizers over the face mist. The serums and moisturizers help lock the mist’s moisture into the skin.

woman holding facial mist

What Ingredients to Look For (and Avoid!)

In addition to the order of operations for when to apply face mists for the most benefits, experts recommend keeping an eye out for certain ingredients while shopping for a mist.

Do look for face mists with moisturizing and anti-inflammatory ingredients like hyaluronic acid and rose extracts. Don’t spring on face mists including ingredients like tea tree oil and citrus which can make skin dryer and irritable.

One last tip from the experts: over misting can actually lead to dehydrated skin through disrupting the oil barrier.

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