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Article: Skin Care and Holistic Health Reading List

Skin Care and Holistic Health Reading List

Skin Care and Holistic Health Reading List

Interested in learning more about skincare? We're here for you. Here are some of our favorite books and writers about skin health, wellbeing and holistic self-care.

Natural Skincare Books

Paula Begoun: Known as the "Cosmetics Cop," Paula Begoun has authored several books, including The Original Beauty Bible, which covers a wide range of skincare topics, including natural ingredients.

Dr. Leslie Baumann: Dr. Baumann is a renowned dermatologist and the author of The Skin Type Solution. Her book delves into skincare ingredients, including natural options, and provides insights into personalized skincare routines.

Marie Veronique Nadeau: A chemist and skincare expert, Marie Veronique Nadeau co-authored the book The Yoga Facelift, which focuses on natural skincare ingredients and techniques to enhance skin health.

Adina Grigore: Adina Grigore is the author of Skin Cleanse and Just the Essentials, both of which explore natural and holistic approaches to skincare, including the use of botanical ingredients.

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Botanical Ingredients Books

Dr. David Suzuki: Dr. Suzuki is an environmentalist and author who has written extensively on sustainability and the impact of chemicals on our health. His book David Suzuki's Green Guide touches upon natural ingredients in skincare and offers tips for eco-friendly choices.

Rosemary Gladstar: A renowned herbalist, Rosemary Gladstar has authored several books, including "Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health" and "Planting the Future." Her works cover herbal skincare remedies and the use of botanical ingredients.

Holistic Health Books

Dr. Frank Lipman: Integrative medicine expert Dr. Frank Lipman has authored books such as "The New Rules for Aging Well" and How to Be Well on holistic health, longevity, and wellbeing.

Peter Attia: A doctor interested in the topic of longevity, has written the book Outlive on increasing lifespan and improving health through better sleep, nutrition, and emotional health.

Mark Hyman: Functional health doctor, Mark Hyman is a writer on holistic health, everyday wellness, and improving life quality. His book Young Forever addresses aging and how to slow down the aging process. 

Denise Dubois: Founder of Dubois Beauty, her book Living Beautifully is a holistic approach to improving skin and overall health. 

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