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Article: Meet Dubois Beauty's Founder Denise Dubois

Meet Dubois Beauty's Founder Denise Dubois

Meet Dubois Beauty's Founder Denise Dubois

Dubois Beauty was created by esthetician, spa owner, and wellness expert Denise Dubois. We strive to create clean and simple skincare products that draw from nature with the best clean ingredients to deliver exceptional results.

Drawing from her 35 years of experience with products and customers Denise saw a need to create her own line of products that reflect her values: advanced, effective and clean products that serve her customers. Denise understands that skincare doesn’t need to be overly complicated. So she created a line of clean and simple skincare to make our busy lives a little easier.

Who is Denise Dubois?

Denise Dubois, Founder of Dubois Beauty

As the owner and founder of Complexions Spa in upstate New York, Denise Dubois has over three decades of experience as a clinical esthetician and wellness expert.

Denise firmly believes in “pampering with a purpose,” and goes to great lengths to ensure that every client who steps through Complexions’ doors, leaves feeling refreshed and ready to take on tomorrow.

She started her career as an esthetician in 1985 after graduating from the Catherine E. Hinds School of Esthetics—the first accredited esthetics school in the country—where she received the Merretta Gotham Hinds Award for highest achievement.

She has since continued her training and holds several advanced certificates in the following areas of expertise:

  • Dermatologic Skin Care
  • Medical Esthetics
  • Medical Lasers
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • IIN Health Coach
  • Nutritional Skincare
  • Herbology
  • Cidesco Diplomat

She is the recent author of Living Beautifully: Creating A Holistic Lifestyle. This book takes a comprehensive look at healthy living in the modern era, including nutrition, activity, fresh air and nature, relationships, work, de-stressing, self-care, and professional treatments.

Denise Dubois, Founder of Dubois Beauty at Launch

Dubois Beauty: Our Mission

Dubois Beauty’s mission is to use our expertise and experience in skincare, natural ingredients, and holistic healing to create the most effective, cleanest products possible.

Our Promise for Clean Skincare

We promise to create innovative new products with the best in natural, clean, and clinically-proven ingredients. We’re committed to continually learning and growing, so we’ll keep seeking new ingredients, learning new clean and green best practices, and applying our best techniques and technologies to helping you find your best skin health.

How Dubois Beauty Products Work

Our products support four simple steps of skincare for optimal skin rejuvenation and healthy aging:

Step 1: Exfoliation
Gentle removal of dead skin

Step 2: Preservation
Use of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients

Step 3: Restoration
Stimulation and repair of cell function

Steps 4: Protection
Proper hydration and adequate sun protection

Dubois Beauty prides ourselves on using local ingredients and advanced medical skincare science to create our products. We proudly produce cleansers, toners, serums, mists, moisturizers, and eye creams all of which you can trust to provide high quality skin care with a green and clean approach. You can search our full line of products here:

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