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Article: Our Spa Heritage

Our Spa Heritage

Our Spa Heritage

Grounded in Spa and Wellness

Dubois Beauty was developed by Denise Dubois, who started her work in wellness with her upstate New York spas. There she worked with thousands of clients to provide skincare treatments, advanced therapies, and holistic skincare guidance. 

Complexions Spas in Upstate New York

Founded in 1987 by Denise Dubois, Complexions Spas' original location was in Albany, NY. The spa grew and expanded to a new Albany location in 2008, which received recognition as the premier Gold LEED Certified Spa in the country. The spa is also registered with the US Green Building Council and received Gold Level LEED Certification for new construction. 

In 2014, Complexions expanded to a second location in Saratoga Springs, where in addition to the full spa services offered at the Albany location - mineral water from a natural spring underneath the Saratoga Springs spa location is pumped directly into hydrotherapy tubs and is used for therapeutic soaks, mineral-rich mud wraps and more.

What Makes Complexions Spas Different

Complexions Spas for Beauty and Wellness offer a sanctuary of tranquility and luxury designed to rejuvenate the body, strengthen the spirit, and gently eliminate the stresses of the day, inviting wellness and healing into your life. Complexions provides two luxurious, eco-friendly spas in Saratoga Springs and Albany NY, where customers are able to enjoy thoughtful care from experienced spa and salon professionals in calm, soothing, and eco-friendly environments.

Complexions Spa in NY

Complexions Spa Offerings

Complexions Spas break their offerings into three main categories: Wellness for the Body, Wellness for the Skin, and Cosmetic Treatments. These include:

  • massage
  • manicure and pedicure nail treatments
  • spa body treatments
  • facials
  • medical skin treatments
  • lymph drainage massage
  • hair removal and body waxing
  • makeup and eyelash application
  • full service hair salon
  • spray tanning

Complexions Spas and the Launch of Dubois Beauty

After decades of serving customers at Complexions Spas, Denise Dubois saw a need to create her own line of products that reflect her values: advanced, effective and clean products that serve her customers. The Dubois Beauty product line, launched in 2021 extends the Complexions experience outside of the spa, providing ongoing care, everyday wellness, and superior results.

Using inspiration from nature, skincare expertise, and green business leadership Dubois Beauty aims to create the most effective, clean, green beauty products.

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