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Article: Acer Rubrum from the Boreal Forest

Acer Rubrum from the Boreal Forest

Acer Rubrum from the Boreal Forest

Acer Rubrum Extract comes from the bark of the red maple tree. These trees are most commonly found in the Boreal forests, which are the northernmost forests on earth and have evolved to withstand severe cold. Representing 30% of the global forest area, these forests are essential in forestalling climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and removing it from the atmosphere. When added to skin care products acer rubrum helps increase natural glow, promotes mild exfoliation, and absorbs excess oil.

The Iroquois would crush the red maple bark and use it in bread for its nutritious benefits. Recently, Red Maple was added to the list of native medicinal vascular plants. It is highly concentrated in polyphenols and antioxidants with clinically-proven anti-inflammatory and skin repairing benefits. 

Locally-Sourced Skincare Ingredients

While developing Dubois Beauty, Denise Dubois learned of this unique beauty ingredient which can be sourced from the forests in her home in central New York, and was eager to learn how to incorporate acer rubrum bark extract into her line of green, clean skincare products.

Historically, red maple bark was simply buried after trees were harvested for foresting. Now, this bark is harvested, ecologically extracted, filtrated, purified, and used as a potent, natural skincare ingredient, featured in our age protection products. We wanted to extend this cycle: so with every product purchase, we’ll plant a tree to support forest growth and environmental sustainability.

The fresh bark used to create Acer rubrum bark extract is collected from eco-responsible FSC certified sawmills during lumber processing. The extract itself meets the highest standards of purity and is ECOCERT certified.

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How does it work?

Studies show that red maple bark extract improves firmness and elasticity of the skin by boosting collagen and elastin and by inhibiting collagenase reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also has an anti-inflammatory action contributing to the overall fight of the aging process improves the barrier function and controls hydration.

Acer rubrum bark extract is clinically proven to:

  • boost elastin synthesis to maintain skin elasticity
  • reduce of the appearance of wrinkles
  • reduce inflammation, helping fight overall skin aging

In a clinical trial of acer rubrum bark extract, subjects were surveyed and skin changes were regularly photographed. 100% of participants saw increased skin flexibility and hydration, and over 90% found improved firmness, skin texture, skin softness, and skin that looked younger.

Protective Day Cream


Shop Products Containing Acer Rubrum Bark Extract

You can find this local, sustainably grown and harvested ingredient in the following products:


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