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Article: Women in Wellness: Lindsay Ferrara

Women in Wellness: Lindsay Ferrara

Women in Wellness: Lindsay Ferrara

In this new series, we feature the women in our Dubois Beauty community who are wellness leaders. From local practitioners to national influencers, each woman reflects on their personal journey to wellness.

Dubois Beauty: Tell us who you are!
Lindsay: I'm Lindsay Ferrara, the founder of Pinnacle Nutrition. Pinnacle Nutrition is about helping clients achieve their nutrition goals in a way that is specific to their own body’s needs. Without being overly restrictive, and by cutting through all of the diet and nutrition misinformation that is out there. Just like knowing cholesterol numbers or blood pressure, I give clients real numbers to work with so they can get off the yo-yo dieting hamster wheel.

I focus on optimizing metabolism and typically start by testing a client’s metabolic rate with an FDA approved machine called an Indirect Calorimeter. Metabolic testing gives us accurate numbers to work with so we aren’t just guessing at calorie needs. I am now offering body composition testing as well, using a Bioelectrical Impedance machine which allows the tracking of muscle mass and body fat percentage over time. I love applying data and facts to my work and I think that knowing your numbers is crucial to guiding your health journey. I feel strongly that restrictive diets cause more harm than good and want to help people find their healthy balance.

lindsay ferrera
Dubois Beauty:  How did you become so passionate about your work?
Lindsay: I’ve been a Registered Dietitian for over 20 years with the first 10 being in the hospital setting. My dream of starting my own practice along with being fed up with diet culture plus a love for helping others has led me to where I am today. I want to teach people that gaining strength is better than losing weight, improving nutrition is better than going on another diet, and knowing what our bodies actually need is better than guessing or overly restricting.

Dubois Beauty: What one wellness practice have you found has most changed your wellbeing?
Lindsay: I’d have to say practicing mindfulness. I completed some mindfulness training in hopes of helping my clients but found it life changing for myself as well. Mindfulness has really helped me tune in to my body….with eating, with exercising, with confidence, with setting boundaries, with finding gratitude in my day to day life. It’s the best form of self care!

Dubois Beauty: What would you say is your daily mantra right now?
Lindsay: To grow you need to push your limits and break out of your comfort zone.

Dubois Beauty: Tell us one fun fact that may surprise people about you.
Lindsay: I don’t like fruit very much. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I will have a banana with peanut butter ever now and again and I’ll eat cut up fruit if it’s being served but I don’t ever go seeking fruit out. Unfortunately, my children got this gene from me 🤦🏼‍♀️.

lindsay with bright eyes eye cream

Dubois Beauty: What are your favorite Dubois Beauty products?
Lindsay: I love every Dubois Beauty product I’ve tried; the natural ingredients, how silky smooth they are, and they all smell wonderful (without the use of any fragrance). But my 3 faves that I don’t think I can live without are the Vital A Serum for nighttime, the Defend Antioxidant Serum for daytime and the Bright Eyes Eye Cream day and night!

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