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Article: Women in Wellness: Nicolette Domkowski

Women in Wellness: Nicolette Domkowski

Women in Wellness: Nicolette Domkowski

In this new series, we want to feature the women in our Dubois Beauty community who are wellness leaders. From local practitioners to national influencers, each woman reflects their on their personal journey to wellness.

Dubois Beauty: Tell us who you are!
Nicolette: Hi! My name is Nicolette Domkowski and I am a life and business mindset coach.

I’m a mother of two incredible humans, a proud wife, a constant work in progress. I love working with people who are not exactly sure where they want to go or what exactly needs to give but they know for sure that this is not how their story is going to end. To say I’m passionate about helping people be the best versions of themselves is an understatement.

My coaching journey began 20 years ago through divine intervention. Over the course of my career, I've had the honor of supporting people making changes that have completely changed the trajectory of their lives. My credentials, the ones that really matter, have been earned in the school of life:

  • I was a teen and young woman who never knew her worth but found it in her 30s
  • a mother of a daughter with an extra chromosome,
  • a wife who understands the ups and downs of marriage,
  • someone who has transformed themselves countless times,
  • and a lifelong believer in people.

If the school of life gave out awards, I like to think I would be nominated yearly for Most Improved.

My mission is to help women step into their own power and create their version of The Good Life one thought at a time using my Wision Board Method.

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Dubois Beauty: How did you become so passionate about your work?
Nicolette: Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated by hearing someone’s story. Fast forward to my senior year of college to where I landed an internship at St. Anne Institute (an incredible organization - check it out!) and my life was changed forever. For nearly 15 years, I worked with hundreds of teenage girls who endured some of the most unimaginable circumstances and still found the strength within themselves to grow. Thanks to all of these incredibly brave young women, I discovered my gift of seeing the potential in others and helping them to see it too.

Dubois Beauty: What one wellness practice have you found most changed your wellbeing? Nicolette: Hands down, microdosing in self love every day. One of my favorite ways is through breath work! It changes how your brain functions, it’s free and accessible to everyone.

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Dubois Beauty: What would you say is your daily mantra right now?
Nicolette: I have three daily go-to thoughts:

  • Living on purpose and not autopilot is super important to me. On the daily, I remind myself and my kids to (blank) like you mean it.
  • All is well
  • Let it be easy

Dubois Beauty: Tell us one fun fact that may surprise people about you.
Nicolette: I was a tomboy growing up with headgear, a bowl cut and a tail.

Dubois Beauty: What are your favorite Dubois Beauty products?
Nicolette: I call Marula Bloom Cleansing Oil and AHA Cleansing Milk my Thelma & Louise. I love the Vital A Serum and Defend Antioxidant Serum, as well as the Bright Eyes Eye Cream.  

Find more info on Nicolette’s work by visiting and follow her at @thegoodlc.

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So grateful for you, and your work, Loved getting to know you even more.


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